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Branding & Digital Design
for small brands
with big dreams
Proyectos Made by Gelpi e-commerce Salinas Jeweller

Salinas Jewels e-Commerce

Design and e-Commerce Development that reflects their values and your visual identity

Arlequín Cocktail

Arlequín’s goal is to make their clients enjoy and laugh through fun and sophisticated cocktails.

Capella Bakery

The objective of the redesign of their branding was to communicate the quality of their handmade products and the bakery’s family environment

A simple, effective and creative design
is what will make your brand shine.
A brand that you are proud of, communicates
your values and achieves your goals.

We take our time to understand
your history and the values that drive your company.
This way we create a unique design that
truly reflects who you are.

Clients and Friends

I loved working with Carlota. Throughout the project she has explained process stages clearly, and has been open to listening and discussing ideas and adaptationsto reach optimal solutions to fulfill the goals and initial vision pursued. She stressed at the beginning of the project that key for a successful project would be communication and it was amazing to see her working and see the first proposed wireframes be transformed into the beautiful and elegant design solutions she produced. She has been very helpful during all project and later in the after-launch period to make sure everything worked seamlessly..

Cristina Ulessi | The Londog Founder

Let’s build something together

Branding and Digital Design for small brands with big dreams

We connect brands with people through experiences and ideas created from a simple, functional and creative design and strategy.


Salinas Jewellery e-Commerce

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The Londog

Proyectos Made by Gelpi Arlequín cocktail bar

Arlequín Cocktail Bar