To be honest, consciously or unconsciously, we always judge a book by its cover. The same goes for brands. That your brand has an attractive and functional design is more important than you may think. That your brand image is different and unique is vital. And this is where we come in, where we do what we like, what we are passionate about. We take care that your brand connects and falls in love with your audience and people, with a simple, functional and creative design, development and strategy.

We are small yes, but we have decided to be so because after our long experience working in different agencies that collaborate with big names like Pandora, Beefeater, Pepe Jeans or Bering Time among others, we have learned that the most important thing is to be alienated with the people with whom we collaborate. Being small not only allows us to offer personalized attention but also to be loyal to our style and philosophy.

Carlota Marcos
Graphic Design & Art Direction

César Hernandez
Web Developer

Gelpi Design Illustration
Gelpi Design Zumaia Flych
Gelpi Design Valencia
Donosti Gelpi