Mascletà Street Food Festival

This year, Cerveza Mascletà organized for the first time the “Mascletà, Street Food Festival” in Valencia. The festival offered to the people a different culinary space with products from local farmers and Food Trucks organized by recognized Valencian chefs such as Vicente Ausina Ciriaco or Toni Canceller among others. During the festival, the visitors also enjoyed live Jazz, Swing & Blues music.

  • Visual Identity
  • Illustration
  • Stationery Design
Diseño Logotipo Mascleta por Gelpi Design


Visually, one of the most representative things of Valencia and of its streets are the ceramic tiles. We used this idea to unify the concepts of Street Food, gastronomy and Valencia. As a result, we created a flexible visual language that we applied to all the different collaterals. The aim was to connect with the local public of Valencia.

Diseño Azulejos Valencia
Diseño azulejos valencianos
Ilustracion Mascleta Street Food Festival
Poster Design Mascleta Street Food Festival
Diseño Identidad visual Mascletà Street Food Festival
Cartel Mascleta Street Food Festival
Gelpi Design diseño menu Mascleta Street Food Festival
Gelpi Design diseño menu para Mascletà en Valencia
Gelpi Design menu design for Mascleta Street Food
Posavasos Mascletà Street Food Festival
Identidad visual para Mascletà Street Food Festival
Ilustración para Mascletà Street Food Festival
Diseño Merchandisign Mascleta Street Food

Social Media:

We adapted the visual identity of the festival to social networks in order to promote and communicate the event.

La Banda del Pop Mascletà
diseño Instagram Mascletà
diseño Instagram Mascletà Street Food
ilustración de Mascletà Street Food Festival