Singular Sisters

Singular Sisters is a handcrafted jewelry brand founded by the sisters Inma and Fabiola in Madrid. Their designs and creations are inspired by the Magic of the Nature and the primitive art. They are faithful to their work philosophy and promote craftsmanship and sustainable consumption.

The project was more than just a logo, our goal was to create a flexible and dynamic visual language that would represent the values of the brand and connect it with their audience. Nature is what defines Singular Sisters, the different elements, flora, fauna, air and water are visually represented in their jewels.
Inspired by nature, its constant movement and how it influences in the creation of their jewels, we designed a visual identity that made Singular Sisters unique and captured the beauty of their designs.

  • Visual Identity
  • Illustration
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media
Singular Sister diseño logotipo Gelpi Design

The visual identity includes a collection of graphic elements inspired by nature and their designs.
We designed a collection of handmade illustrations in order to highlight one of the core values of Singular Sisters: The Primitive Art





Singular Sister diseño logotipo